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Getting The Most Out Of Your Beach House

Your beach house may be a little more modest than the celebrity beach mansions listed in Forbes magazine, but it can be perfect no matter the size or location. Alex Roth insists clever thinking doesn’t cost more. An ethereal space that delights you, your family and your guests; a getaway place where your shoulders drop the moment you enter.


Mackerel Beach House


“We can help you redesign and start all over again or we can help you create more from what you already have and don’t want to lose. Every material has something amazing about it. You can make fibro into something special; we do this all time.”


Alex Roth always starts with the light. “Architecture is like experiencing a sculpture from the inside – it’s about how the light shapes the space and how it travels through the structure throughout the seasons.” How does your beach house capture the morning light and the twilight and how does it make you feel?


Alex knows his clients want a place where they feel the cool breezes and the salt air in the summer months and the warm winter rays in the winter months. “You feel these elements go through you. They reawaken and rejuvenate you whenever you arrive.” Making sure your beach house is utilizing outdoor spaces is imperative for this to happen. Roth is a lover of the indoor-outdoor space and outside rooms. These features can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.


“It’s a given that we will be thinking about all the details that come with a coastal place; those micro issues of sand, bugs, temperature, sustainability and where to put the wet towels and boards. That’s a layer of design that gets imputed into the overall scheme.”


When it comes to the aesthetic you might give your place the flourishes of the current timeless Hamptons Bali style, Australian Beach Shack Chic, Island style, Sri Lankan (Bawa style), super Australian contemporary or something more exotic or eclectic. 


You want a place that’s ingenious but understated- spatially beautifully designed with elevated creature comforts but a place that recalls the underlying poetry of you. Your beach place is about more than barefoot chic. When it comes to your beach pad, Roth knows “It needs to be the place that reminds you of who you really are.”


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