Arden Street

Arden Street is a sophisticated beach house that is filled with natural light. Large eaves, skylights, and strategically placed windows allow the sunlight to flow throughout the home, creating a play of shadows that is a work of art in itself. The sandstone of the heritage wall at the front of the property sets the tone for the design, which exudes subtle coastal elegance. This colour and texture palette is found throughout the home, giving it a cohesive feel.

The interior is simple and modern, with clean lines, timber framework and accents. The natural materials used in the design merge together to give it a meditative feel. The indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly connected, and the garden retaining walls are made from the same materials used in the home. This home is a masterpiece of negative space, with each room feeling like it is part of the natural flow of the design. Its functionality is flexible and adaptable for years to come.