Bondi Road

Located up the road from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, Bondi Road was designed with the intent to transform the existing space to reflect its context and location in Bondi. This project is an alteration and addition that aimed to enhance the exterior and interior space’s Beach House aesthetic through materiality, colour and finishes characteristic of classic coastal homes. Previously a two-storey share house without any internal access between levels, a large goal for this design was to connect the ground and first floor both functionally and visually to create consistency and connection throughout the property. The inclusion of a staircase presented a challenge, where to best propose a new staircase without sacrificing an existing bedroom or living space? After exploring and prototyping varying options, our studio proposed managed to propose a new and compliant staircase without compromising on any of the existing amenities/spaces. This is a classic example of how Roth Architects’ dedicated effort leads to the best design solutions.