Foxground Farm

The project was to create a space that was large enough to cater to an extended family, while also retaining the original rustic charm that the owner had fallen in love with in the first place. Alex Roth, with extensive experience working with residential heritage dwellings, proposed an innovative plan that incorporated the old buildings into the new, rather than building a separate extension. He built new structures that were connected to the old cottage and wrapped around it, creating a seamless blend of old and new where it is difficult to determine where the original structures end and the new ones begin.

The new buildings retain the original rustic nature of the property through the use of complementary colors and materials. The design also emphasized balance with the landscape and original buildings by incorporating large doors and windows and stepped-down living spaces that blur the lines between inside and outside. The result is a functional and beautiful country property that blends masterfully with the existing buildings and landscape.