Gordon Street

The Gordon Street, Greenbank Terrace project in Paddingtonwas a great success. The task of merging two distinct terraces was a challenging but ultimately fulfilling process. The finished house has a cohesive and harmonious feel, with the three levels seamlessly flowing together. It is hard to tell that it was originally two separate homes. Preserving the heritage elements of both properties while incorporating modern design was a priority, and the solid steel staircase is a standout feature that enhances the main pathway through the house.

The back of the home was transformed into a bright and open space that seamlessly blends the living area with the backyard. The most striking aspect of this area, and of the house as a whole, is the innovative design of the glass sliding doors. Alex Roth worked closely with engineers and consultants to eliminate the need for visual columns at this point, instead supporting the structure in other areas. This allows for a true integration of the interior and exterior spaces, and creates the desired indoor-outdoor lifestyle for the clients.