Great Mackerel Beach

The project was an alterations and additions project that used the bones of the existing beach house to create an open-plan family-friendly dwelling where the family and their friends could gather. The site is situated in a remote beachside suburb in Pittwater, accessible by boat only. As a result, material choice and structural systems were directed by the site’s context and accessibility. Sandstone from the site was used, as well as materials that were compliant with bushfire codes and easily transported to the project site.

The design is simple, retaining much of the aspects of the traditional beach house, which allows family and their guests to have a simple beach house experience. The interiors for Mackerel Beach House are designed to reflect the feeling of those who visit – relaxed. Neutral tones are used to emphasise the house’s raw materials, comprising sandstone and timber. This new dwelling allows for greater interaction between the family and their guests whilst using their home. The large deck and open plan living allow for a connected communal area that links both the guest area and main dwelling with each other.