Kameruka Road

This project was a renovation of a family home, with the goal of creating a light and airy kitchen, dining, and living area that would become the centre of living within the home. The clients were very creatively inclined and valued books, woodworking, art, and etching over TV and technology. They wanted a place for everything within a minimal design and clean lines.

We designed a U-shaped rear wing that featured an open plan design with sectioned-off areas for the family to enjoy privately while still having a connection to each other. This design allows for a cozy area for the family to spend time together and also for the child to have a place for their friends. A central courtyard allowed for seamless indoor-outdoor living and served as an entryway to the larger pool area and garden at the back of the site. This design connects the interior and exterior spaces, which suited the client’s lifestyle of outdoor entertaining, reading, cooking and dining. The end result was a functional, beautiful and comfortable home that the family could enjoy for years to come.