Melody Street

Melody Street was originally two separate parcels of land, one with an older cottage on it. Our goal was to build a new, modern structure that blended seamlessly with the existing building, while also creating a sense of distinction through our material choices. Raw materials such as limestone and cladding were used to create a double garage and secluded entrance, leading to a sun-filled courtyard. Inside, the home features a play of levels, with an elevated seating area leading to the family room and stairs that take you up to the original cottage and the family’s private quarters. The core living areas, such as the kitchen, courtyard, and utility rooms, are sunken lower, helping the home blend in with the landscape.

Our clients were a young family with a modern beachside lifestyle. They wanted plenty of natural light, open spaces, and a general airiness throughout their home. They also wanted a large backyard for playing sports and hosting parties, and we created an elongated rear yard with a pool and spa, as well as tall trees to create a private oasis. Large sliding doors were incorporated throughout the home to create a seamless connection between the courtyard, kitchen, dining area, and rear garden.