Wansey Road

The clients, a family of two parents and three adult sons, wanted a home that served as a multi-functional and welcoming space for their entire family. The house was designed to be a place for the couple to use as their base until the time came to downsize, as well as a place for their sons to feel at home whenever they visited from out of town or stayed with their parents for an extended period.

The clients wanted to let more natural light into the home, especially in the downstairs living areas, to create a refreshing and relaxing space that incorporates peaceful views of the back courtyard and front trees/racecourse. They preferred an open plan kitchen/dining/lounge/outdoor area, and a simple but warm and welcoming style. The result is a house that they could call home for many years to come, a place where they could host their family and friends, and a place where they could work and live in harmony.