the three most important things to think about WHEN RENOVATING

As a client preparing to undertake their first renovation project, briefing your architect can be a daunting process. How do you express what you want? How do you explain and prioritise your requirements in a manner that your architect will be able to work with? We break down what we believe are the three key questions to ponder before briefing your architect.


Question 1: Is this my forever home?

When investing in a home, it’s always important to consider if this is my forever home or a place that I will call home for the next 5 or so years. It is suggested that you really think about this. It will affect the design in terms of angling it towards being either highly personalised to your lifestyle specifically or suitable for optimal resale in the coming years.

Question 2: What is my budget for short term items vs long term items?

Of course, your budget is a massive contributor to the overall project. However, we always work top-down here at Roth. We design the dream and propose that to the council, and then refine elements as the project progresses in order to meet the allocated budget. By knowing this and having an open dialogue with your architect, you can work as a team to produce the optimal short term and long term outcome for the project. Remember – what can’t be built now due to monetary restrict may be able to be built later down the track, so you should also include these future goals into approved documentation now.

Question 3: What are the most important areas of the home to me personally?

The fun part of the brief is really imagining what you want and need in your home. How do you use your home now? How would you love to use your home in the future? By listing the zones you use the most and then break down each space with items you find the most important to you within each area. This is a big job, however, just understanding what zones need the most work is incredibly helpful for an architect to understand.


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