the trick to indoor AND outdoor living

The integration of indoor and outdoor spaces in design can bring a sense of versatility and ease to living areas. At Roth, we believe in designing with the environment in mind and strive to create spaces that allow for a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. This can be achieved by using materials and design elements that eliminate the traditional barriers between the two. The result is a fluidity in the use of the space, with the indoor and outdoor areas merging together seamlessly.



One way to achieve this is by removing obstacles that typically divide the two spaces, such as load-bearing elements, and replacing them with features like glass walls or windows. This not only allows natural light to enter the space but creates a visual connection to the outdoors.

Light is another important element in the design of indoor/outdoor living spaces. It serves a functional purpose by providing illumination, but it also enhances the atmosphere and helps to create a sense of connection to the environment.



Interval rooms, such as courtyards and gardens, can also play a significant role in the design of a home. These outdoor spaces can provide a sense of calm and intimacy, and can serve as a place for socializing and relaxation. They can also have a bright, echoing acoustic that adds to the atmosphere of the space.

Overall, the combination of indoor and outdoor spaces can bring a sense of connection to the environment and enhance the functionality and versatility of a living space.

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