Coastal homes are a beautiful housing type. The beach house design should reflect the outdoor lifestyle of the clients who tend to seek out properties located along the coast. New South Wales, notably Sydney, has one of the most internationally recognised coastlines, known for its beautiful backdrop to the Pacific Ocean. Our office is based in Woollahra, making us neighbours with the iconic coastal suburb of Bondi, a suburb that embodies what it means to have an Australian Coastal Lifestyle. This makes designing beach houses fun and exciting for those who work at Roth Architecture as well as for our director who resides on the coast.


In our experience coastal home owners want designs that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor space. Our methodology reflects this way of thinking as we aim focus on the three elements of Water, Earth, and Air, supports this concept of indoor and outdoor living and ensuring our clients are immersed with the coast. Those who live within proximity to the beach tend to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, and general walks along the beach. Therefore, creating amenity and aesthetics to reflect the concept of the outdoor, has become an integral part of our methodology for beach house design.  


However, the very natural elements we incorporate in our designs can also be the downfall of a design if not addressed properly, a common concern for our clients who understand the affects coastal weather can have on their homes. Sydney’s Coast can be exposed to the harshest parts of nature, such as damaging winds, and salt erosion. Materiality and Glazing are the two most important considerations when designing on coastal landscapes. Roth Architecture has developed a material palette for homes on the coast to protect them from the affects the ocean can have on durability and weathering. Glazing is important in coastal homes, not only to showcase views, but glass types can assist in the thermal comfort of design. Through careful consideration of the surrounding context and deliberate selection of materiality and glazing, our coastal designs have proved a to have a healthy balance between immersing as well as protecting from the elements.


Notable Project: Ikura Road