Homes in urban landscapes should be designed as a sanctuary for the people who inhabit these spaces. Roth Architecture aims to make our city homes a unique space for each of our unique clients. Urban housing is interesting as it comes in many types of architectural forms and can house different types of family types. Our approach emphasises on the importance of understanding the the type of housing and type of family the design needs to cater toward. We recognise that each client requires something different from a design and that each property presented to us has different opportunities and challenges to be considered. For example, the design approach to alterations and additions of a Heritage Protected Terrace will differ from a new build of a Contemporary Dwelling.


While recognising that each client is different, a common theme that bonds our clientele who live urban landscapes, is their wish to make their homes a space of retreat and relaxation to escape from their busy lives. They also hope to maximise on the amount of space possible for their sites, especially for the clients who own smaller lots or heritage protected items, where design options can be limited.


This can be challenging, as urban landscapes are defined based on density. Densely populated cities usually result in smaller lot sizes and increased council intervention as each design can directly affect its surrounding context. Our experience has allowed us to find a balance and mediate a client’s push to and managing the controls of local government’s planning instruments. Our unique approach to dream big and play with all the possibilities, push the limits, and will engage with local council in every way possible. This has allowed our office to give our clients the highest chance of achieving their dream homes. Roth Architecture’s city home designs ensure that the potential for space and amenity are amplified while maintaining an element of spaciousness and openness.


Notable Projects: Melody Street and Gordon Street